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What makes us a safe and reliable motorcoach company?

  • We hold the necessary authority to safely operate our motorcoaches to the destinations that we serve.
  • We carry liability insurance that meets and exceeds the legal requirements.
  • Our drivers are in full compliance with all federal rules and regulations.
  • We regularly inspect and adhere to a preventive maintenance schedule for every vehicle in our fleet.
  • We possess the highest national safety rating possible.
  • We are members of the United Motorcoach Association (UMA), the American Bus Association (ABA) and the Florida Motorcoach Association (FMA).
  • Our company maintains the highest standard of intercity bus service and personal conduct as enforced by UMA's Ethics Committee.
  • We have ongoing training to renew qualifications, maintain knowledge and continuously update essential skills. Our drivers are professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest transportation possible. As qualified interstate drivers, they meet a multitude of rigorous federal standards.
  • Our drivers are limited by federal laws as to the number of hours that they may drive. These hours of service regulations are for your safety. Should your trip require more than the allowable time, we'll make arrangements to have another driver ready to take over.
  • Many states and provinces have other local restrictions limiting what the driver may do. Our drivers are familiar with the various local laws regarding speed, parking, and routing.
  • We take pride in our safety records which has become a foundation for our reputation.

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